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Following Tech Industry News


Keeping up to date with industry news is very important, especially in the fields of technology and security, where things are moving so quickly. I'm pretty happy with my current system, so I thought I should write about it.


Podcasts are my primary means of news. I love them because I can listen to them in the background when I'm working on simple tasks or cleaning the house or whatever.

Security Now

Security Now is an amazing show. Steve Gibson has a talent for explaining technological concepts in easy-to-understand ways. He doesn't just report news, he takes a deep dive into exactly what happened and why it's a problem.

Leo Laporte is a great counterpart. He and Steve talk like old friends, which I suppose they are after doing the show for so may years. They disagree on some issues relating to advertising, which makes for a very educational dialogue.

This Week in Enterprise Tech

Fr. Robert Ballecer (The Digital Jesuit) hosts this show about all sorts of news relating to the enterprise. He's an amazing host because he knows how to keep a discussion moving quickly, and always asks good leading questions for his guests to answer. They talk about data center and storage technology, BYOD policies, and general news.

This Week in Law

Hosted by Denise Howell and Sarah Pearson, this is unlike the other shows I watch. These people are lawyers specializing in areas like copyright, patents, and general application of technology. They talk about Bitcoin, space, software, etc. A good bit of it is over my head, but I feel like I'm learning a lot.


BSD Now is hosted by Allan Jude and Kris Moore. Until Recently, TJ was the writer/producer. This is all about the BSDs, with a natural emphasis on FreeBSD. They cover news and (most importantly) interview developers and people who use BSD in interesting ways. It's a fantastic show, and it guided me through switching from Linux to FreeBSD. It's rare that you get to hear directly from the developers of the software you use.


TechSNAP is hosted by Allan Jude and Chris Fisher. They cover news and security events relevant for sysadmins. It's similar to Security Now, but from a sysadmin perspective rather than a security researcher perspective. I find both valuable.


In addition to the regular shows I listen to, I also watch a lot of recorded talks on youtube.

Google I/O

Google I/O talks are of very good quality. The presenters are generally very good at presenting, the news is relevant to my field, and they have interesting things to say. I learned most of what I know about mobile web development from Google I/O talks.

BSD Conferences

The BSD conferences sometimes record their talks, and they're fantastic. BSDCan, vBSDcon, and even the local user group meetings. You can hear explanations of new code or features, as well as design discussions between developers before things get committed.


I'm a latecomer to twitter because I've been avoiding social media. But I gave it a try and now twitter has replaced my RSS reader as a source of news articles. I follow particular researchers and journalists, like Steve Gibson and Brian Krebs. I can also catch some of the conversations between various BSD developers and people in the community.


Usenet is worth a mention. I don't spend as much time there as I used to, but it's a great medium. Purely text, not under anyone's control, and there are lots of small communities there. It's a good place for discussions. Head to Eternal September if you want to get started.


This is a lot to keep up with, but I listen to podcasts and the like while doing something else, and only follow a small number of people on twitter. For me, this is as efficient as I can be in an effort to stay informed without wasting time on it. If anyone knows of similar things I might be interested in, feel free to drop me a line.

published 2015-09-16