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The New Site


Like most people on the internet, 'update website' has been at the bottom of my TODO list for quite a while. I've finally decided to actually do it.

I've used Node.js for most of my recent projects, but I wanted to learn something new. After a few days of reaching various content management systems, I decided to build it myself with Django.

My initial impression of Django is that it's very much like developing with Node.js and Express, only much more mature. With Node and Express, I feel like I'm making up the structure as I go along. Django is much more structured, which I like. It also gives you a lot more in terms of utilities and eliminating boilerplate code.

One of my design goals for this project is to have no JavaScript, or at least not require JavaScript to render the page. I also want to make the site easy to use from a mobile device. It should be an interesting challenge. I'll be digging into CSS much more than I have in the past.

I'm still trying to decide exactly what content I want to have here and what format to put it in, but my goal is to spend at least several hours a week on this until I'm happy with it.

published 2015-04-22